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    This is one example of many on why my cousin is awesome.

  2. Jersey City and Newark. #city

  3. #window #nyc

  4. My “tools”. I was so happy to find my brushes just an hour before my last mural earlier this week.

    Thank you @belmiraps for giving me an early birthday gift by getting me a handful of extra brushes.
    #brushporn #brushes #painting #monkpuppy #tools


  5. Moving Out

    As I’ve announced in a previous status; by the end of September I’m moving out of my current art studio located on 972 Broad St. Newark, NJ (Solos Project House).

    Due to several factors, I am selling a heavy amount of my previous artwork. Some individuals have shown interest in purchasing - and happily, some already have.

    On Sept. 21st and 28th (Sundays) I will be in the studio space from 2pm till 11pm. If anybody would like to stop by and look around to see if they’d like to purchase anything please feel free to visit. If you have any questions please email me at David@DavidOquendo.com or message me on this social media site.

    Big thanks.

  6. Very happy I was able to get this done yesterday - today’s weather is so bad. Not the most fun painting in the rain.

    Small school bus converted into a food truck. Approx. 150” in length. Exterior Acyrlic paint. Special thanks to Digga and @steevesammusic (at Central Ward (Newark))

  7. Finished a Digga’s Food Truck in Newark’s Central Ward. Great people. I really enjoyed painting this piece. Thanks to @steevesammusic (at Central Ward (Newark))

  8. Work in progress this morning. Digga’s truck in the Central Ward, Newark. Great day to paint outside. Thanks to @steevesammusic (at Central Ward (Newark))

  9. Retna wall piece (detail) in the Lower East Side, NYC. @ironeyeretna #retna #painting #mural #art #LES #nyc #art #wall

  10. Nick Kline - “Newark Will See it Through” and “Boys’ Shirts” now being shown at R.Jampol Projects. (at R.Jampol Projects)