1. Very excited to start painting a mural on this wall tomorrow, Friday July 25th in Paterson, NJ. A collaborative piece with @belmiraps . Will post the finished piece sometime this weekend. (at The ART Factory)

  2. Self portrait study painting on paper (cropped image). 40”x50”. #monkpuppy #painting #studio #art (at SOLO(s) PROJECT HOUSE)

  3. Late night painting and drawing in the studio. #monkpuppy #studio #drawing #painting (at SOLO(s) PROJECT HOUSE)

  4. It’s nice to return to your studio and see that your paintings are still there and intact. Sadly, I can’t say the same when it comes to wheatpasting. Gotta embrace the ephemeral. Corner of Halsey and Linden, Newark. #monkpuppy #newark #halsey #ephemeral #wheatpaste

  5. 40”x55” Self-Portrait painting study on paper. #monkpuppy #studio #painting #study (at SOLO(s) PROJECT HOUSE)

  6. Putting in the hours in the studio. #monkpuppy #studio #painting #drawing (at SOLO(s) PROJECT HOUSE)

  7. May sound odd but sometimes I look at my past work to move my current work forward. Medium size study, acrylic paint markers on paper. Will continue on this direction till I can paint a whole side of a building with these veins/tentacles. If anybody knows of a building that needs a mural, please let me know. #monkpuppy (at SOLO(s) PROJECT HOUSE)

  8. Happily done with this study. Acrylic paint on paper. 53”x38”. Subject is Mother Theresa. #monkpuppy #mothertheresa

  9. Old painting I did back in grad school. Acrylic paint and collage on canvas - 4’x5’. Cropped picture. #monkpuppy

  10. Painting study in process. Acrylic paint on paper. 53”x38”. (Cropped image). #monkpuppy (at SOLO(s) PROJECT HOUSE)